AST delivered 2.4m antenna in Portugal

AST is focus on manufacturing of high quality and cost-effective 0.75 to 4.5 meter antennas for the Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) marketplace, flyaway antenna, SNG antenna systems and on-the-move Satcom antenna system are also Egosat popular products globally. So we have successfully provided a set of 2.4M Ku-band Rx/Tx 2 port linear polarization motorized antenna for Portugal. It can deliver exceptionally high performance for transmit and receive applications with auto-tracking control system, and it well received by local user and satellite operators.

AST delivered 4.5m C-band antenna in Niger

In May 2018, we successfully completed the installation and commission of one set of 4.5m ring focus C-band Rx/Tx 2 port linear polarization manual communication antenna in Niger. We will continue to provide high quality products and after-sales services to our customers.

AST delivered a 1.8m vehicle mount (SNG) antenna in Myanmar

AST delivered a 1.8m C-Band vehicle mount (SNG) Antenna in Myanmar. The antenna auto-stow “Smart switch” to complete auto positing, deploy and satellite acquisition. Antenna deploys and acquires satellite within only three minutes.

AST delivered and installed 3.7m c-band antenna in Papua New Guinea

AST Installation team performed a installation of two 3.7m c-band earth station antennas in February 2013 that were located in Papua New Guinea. The team performed this install and loading on a truck in three days. 

AST installed 3.7m receive only antenna in Myanmar

AST 3.7 m offset antenna is made of high precision ally aluminum reflectoer, galvanized stainless steel hardware, multi-layer ante-corrosion treatment, which makes it have high RF performance and long serve life some characteristics. This type of antenna have provided to Myanmar and receiced their local customers well praise.

AST delivered 1.0m Ku-band flyaway antenna to Philippines

AST has rich experience in communication system design, can provides a high level of system planning , the network and system optimization according to the users of communication and business needs and applicaiton analysis, also a good pre-sale and after-sale service. In 2018, we delivered 1.0m Ku-band flyaway antenna to Philippines and received good comments from users.