AST deicing system

Antenna Deicing System

Model: DI-9002

Remove Ice and Snow from Satellite Antenna Indoor Control Unit System

The AST DI-9002 antenna deicing system is necessary for any antenna used in cold weather climates. It keeps the reflector and feed horn free of ice and snow and allow the user uninterrupted reception and transmission with the satellite. The system is stable and easy to use. The antenna de-ice system has a timing output, failure alarm, and screen display function.

Features of the Antenna Deicing System
1. 4-way power supply, circuits operated independently, independent display and control
2. Timed to run automatically
3. Wide temperature range
4. Remote control
5. Fault detection for power system
6. Automation system operation

Technical Specifications of the Antenna Deicing System
1. Operation voltage:220VAC 50/60HZ
2. Single rated power:≤2KW Sensor distance ≤150m
3. Display accuracy:0.1℃
4. Display error: ±3℃ (100m)
5. Timer setting range: 0-255 second
6. Temperature setting Range: -99℃-+99℃ (adjustment)
7. Detecting loop current: 2-5A
8. Temperature compensation range: -99℃-+99℃ (adjustment)
9. Operation environment: Indoor 0-30℃, Outdoor -30-+60℃

System Configuration
1. Deicing control unit (indoor), carbon composite electric film (outdoor), (hot air gun) and accessories
2. Carbon composite heating film
3. Temperature sensor

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