Intelligent Waveguide Dehydrator

Model: LU-25C

Function and Summary 
The Pressurization Dehydrator is important assistant equipment in communication system which is mainly used to in charge the wave-guide or the wave-guide system in microwave station, radar station, satellite terrestrial station, TV station. This equipment can automatically maintain dry air pressure specified in the communication line in order to keep out of humming air and water and ensure the transmitted signal quality.
  • The equipment adopts advantaged circuit design, intelligent logic control and performances is stability.
  • The high efficiency air pump is used and independent structure, low noise.
  • The pressure detector and display chip is the Motorola semiconductor senor and National semiconductor display chip, the other main chips is made in Taiwan, which ensure the circuit control precision and stability.
  • The display window can indicate the pressure and upper and downer threshold, charged times, and working state.
  • The system working pressure threshold can be adjusted through the board programming. The adjust scope is4.0-40.0kPa, 10 step, 45 kinds of options.
  • The silica gel is easy to change; the silica gel capacity is 1200ml.
  • Malfunction warning function use the light and sound to inform of warning and can also send the remote monitor signal.
Output pressure4.0 kPa to 40.0kPa
Output capacity10 liters/minute
Power source220VAC±20%,50Hz/60Hz
Power consumptionAt 220VAC/50Hz  Less than 40 watts
Sound LeverLess than 40dBA@1 meter
Out Dew Point-30℃ or better
Operating TemperatureRange-20℃ to +60℃
Relative humidity90% at ambient temperature of +23℃
DesiccantHigh quality silica gel
Storage temperature-30℃ to +70℃
Air connection for


4mm(1/6″) inside diameter
AlarmsExcess run alarm ,at Work on for 60 minutes

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