0.6m on-the-move antenna

0.6 Meter Satcom On-The-Move Antenna

Model: V600

V Series flat wave guide array type on-the-move antenna is an integrated system developed for mobile satellite communication.

This system adopts the tracking method of combining fiber optic gyro inertial navigation and beacon to meet the tracking requirements of rapid change of vehicle’s posture, which ensures the vehicle can track the satellite signal well under sharp turning and bumpy road conditions.

This antenna system is applicable to all Ku-band communication satellite at home and abroad, so that the carrier equipped with this system can always accurately acquiring at the satellite during the movement and conduct uninterrupted multimedia communication with the central station.

The whole system is integrated on the antenna turntable, which is the advantages of high precision and low-profile, rugged vehicle roof-mounted SATCOM antenna, easy to install and use.


  • Excellent RF performance
  • After system starts, all processes will be automatically completed without manual operation
  • System can be completed automatically acquiring satellite in sport or in stationary
  • Lose signal, re-acquisition time just 3 sec
  • Max transmission date rate 4Mbps
  • Easy to install, the ACU (1U 19-inch standard Rack mounting) is installed in the car cabinet And the rest is installed on the roof of vehicle


  • 0.6 Meter antenna and feed system
  • Waveguide, connection cable, high and low frequency slip ring
  • Azimuth and elevation turntable and servo drive motor
  • Antenna control system
  • Fiber optic gyro inertial navigation system
  • Tracking receiver
R.F. Specifications
Operating Frequency, GHzKu-Band
Gain (dBi)35.536.5
PolarizationLinear, auto-adjustment / Horizontal, vertical
Antenna G/T12.6dB/°K
Cross polarization(dB)≥30dB
Uplink EIRP (dB)52.5BW (with ext. 40W BUC)
Sidelobe PatternFirst side lobe level ≤-12 dB
Angular velocityAz≥65°/s; El≥ 65°/s
Angular accelerationAz ≥200°/s²; El≥100°/s²
Mechanical Specifications
Antenna Diameter0.6m
Antenna typePrime focus antenna
Azimuth Travel RangeAutomatically adjusted, 360° continuous
Elevation Travel RangeAutomatically adjusted, 0°~90°
Polarization Travel RangeAutomatically adjusted, ±95°
Initial satellite acquisition & lock<90 sec, Antenna tuned on a satellite beacon. Antenna location entered by the operator from an internal database
Satellite re-acquisition<3 sec(when loss blockage is <3 min); <5 sec(when loss blockage is <30 min); <30 sec(when loss blockage is >3 min)
Electrical InterfacesNWR75
Power supply220V/AC, 50Hz
Continuous power consumption≤260 W (BUC not with)
Tracking accuracy≤0.2°
Antenna weight / Antenna height58kgs / ≤300mm
Outdoor unit sizeΦ1300mm×298mm
Outdoor unit weight<80 kg (Antenna only, excluding BUC)
Temperature-40°C ~ +70°C

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